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MIS cosmetics – Pre fanned Volume eyelashes

  • light weight
  • Glue free – heat bonded
  • Available in C curl
  • Wide fans in 3D & 4D
  • 12 rows / 240lashes
  • 8mm – 13mm
  • 0.07mm /0.10mm thickness
  • high quality lashes
  • Each fan is hand made without any glue placed on the fan and is held together & bonded by heat during the manufacturing process and then placed on the tray on a special form of double sided sticky tape. This process is called “heat bonded”
  • they are NOTHING like clusters! No excess glue or chunky stem
  • Being heat bonded they weigh the same as a handmade Russian fan.
  • PLEASE NOTE: you need to be extremely careful when removing each fan from the tray (we advise peeling a row of fans from the container first) it is recommended that you use volume tweezers (hooked/curved) as they can fall apart easily if not correctly picked up

“MIS cosmetics Pre made fans” help bridge the gap between classic & Russian Volume eyelash extensions. Pre made fans are ideal for therapists who want to speed up their lash time whilst still offering clients full fluffy lashes. A full set of pre made volume can be done in the same time as a full set of classic.

Pro Tip –Apply pre made fans as you would classic lashes above or below the natural lash. Using the correct technique, adhesive (glue) & lash length will give you the best retention for your clients.