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Lash Glue

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“MISsion Accomplished” Do you find it hard to apply false eye lashes? Look no further Ardell Lash grip is the perfect tool to keep those lashes in place and fluttering away. The glue goes on white and dries clear, its perfect for sensitive skin and peels off at the end of the night. No sticky residue left on eyes or lashes.

Pro Tip – Apply glue to false lash line, wait for the glue to change colour slightly & become slightly tacky before applying. Ensure Glue is spread evenly along the false lash to avoid any peeling


Ingredients: Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate, Nitrocellulose, SD Alcohol 40-B, Iron Oxide. Propylene glycol conditions hair and skin and is a humectant that keeps the hair shaft moisturized. *Nitrocellulose comes from plant cells and is the base of a strong yet gentle cosmetic adhesive.