A welcome note from the owners of MIS

A welcome note from the owners of MIS

“LIFE should be about having FUN whilst learning lessons along the way!”


Laura and Emma we are the two sisters and best friends behind the NEW cosmetic brand MIS cosmetics. HELLO 🙂

We believe this at MIS cosmetics, makeup is FUN! No matter what stage you are at in life, makeup can change the way you look and feel in a positive way.

We started the brand after running a successful beauty salon for over 9 years ENVY Makeup, Tan and Beauty Bar – which might I add we still own and run full time. We constantly were hearing so many young girls and women struggling with the daily task of MAKEUP. Whether it be choosing a foundation colour correctly, how to contour, when to wear red lips, how to apply eyeliner – the list goes on.

So many women are uneducated when it comes to applying makeup correctly and they sometimes feel intimated to ask others for help. With our MIS cosmetics blog we want to change the way you look at makeup and get you all to feel comfortable to ask questions…

  • Play with some COLOUR GORGEOUS!
  • Put on that blush BABE

If it makes you feel good, DO IT!!!

BUT most of all don’t be afraid to experiment and try something NEW after all life is all about learning, including makeup! We want you to have FUN!

If have any questions or any topics you would like covered we would LOVE to hear from you…. email us admin@miscosmetics.com.au


Emma & Laura




“The start of your Makeup Journey” – MIS cosmetics


We look forward to you following our beauty blog on the website and keep up to date with all things MIS


You can also find us on social media:

Instagram: @miscosmetics

Facebook: MIS Cosmetics



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